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The Elephant & Bun Delicatessen takes its name from a travelling circus that visited Cowbridge in the late 19th century.

When Bostock and Wombell's Menangerie paraded down the High Street the story goes that a baker's wife Mary Williams fed a bun to the circus elephant. Years later, when the circus returned to town, the same elephant tried to enter the shop to help itself to a bun, reinforcing the age-old adage that elephants never forget! Of course, the bakery was at 31 High Street, the home to our delicatessen.

This event would have taken place anytime between 1862 - When Thomas and Mary Williams bought the bakery - and the of the century when it was taken over by David Williams who run it as a grocery store.

The history of the 31 High Street goes back to the 17th century when one of the first owners is recorded as Evan Seys in 1730; 20 years later a Sampson Sweeting of Aberthin occupied the premises before Robert Cooke was taxed on the house in 1773. By 1815 it was the home of the yeoman Thomas Hunt and his wife Mary and after her death in 1827, Thomas Howell, son of shoemaker Thomas Howell senior from Aberthin, inherited the premises

By 1926 the grocer had hung up his apron and it was in the hands of Arther Sanders who ran a boot repair business. Later it became a private house until 1995 when Gln Jenkins' delicatessen was established.

We took over the business in 2012 and strive to continue the tradition of an independant quality delicatessen priding ourselves on being family-run establishment with a growing emphasis on Welsh produce and where customer service and response is one of the cornerstones of our business.

We like to think that the Elephant & Bun delicatessen will play its part in keeping Cowbridge as a first choice shopping destination as well as one of the most beautiful places to live in Wales.

Jack, Simon and Shiela Farrington